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Dreams are what make life beautiful, and pursuing them is what makes life meaningful.
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I don't think there is anything in this world that compares to the glory of a new box of crayons. The sharp points of color-untouched, unmarred by the friction created when they are brought to the page-are glorious. I buy a new box of crayons almost every year. Crayola is far and away my favorite brand. Even at this age, years past the struggle of trying to stay inside the lines, I have a coloring book collection. I have, in fact, decided that staying inside the lines is overated, and that things are better off colored opposite the color they are in reality.

At one point in my life I lost all faith in my self and the talents I had worked so hard to cultivate. I abandoned the path I should never have left to pursue something that my heart was not interested in. After being miserable, I took a u-turn and got back on track. My perception of my future is a little more realistic now, but I have also learned that dreams are what make life beautiful, and that pursuing them is what makes life meaningful.