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Nature and environmental protection
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The future is what matters.
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I saw this site a few months ago. I looked at the front page and said "wtf?!" and wandered off somewhere else. Then, just tonight (Nov 5 2004) I got a link from a page explaining some lyrics from an Aphex Twin song, Windowlicker. I knew this song well as any IDM music fan should and I was intruiged by how much info there was. I found my self wandering further and further into the nodes, discovering that some of the most obscure music I never thought anyone else listened to was here...and more! This site truly has everything...
Well, enough about discovering of this site:
Age: 16
Home: Lincoln, NE, USA (the worst place for someone like me)
Interests: Skateboarding, photography (, computers, digital art/design, GOOD music (IDM), music in general, nature, politics

I think alot about the world and about humans in general. If you ever read this and wish to have a discussion, please contact me at my email or IM me at: (JABBER) (MSN)
xjunoz (AIM)