Tight lacing is a method of shrinking your waistline. It involves being in a proper fitting corset (the corset is four inches smaller than your waist), 24/7. You can take it off to bathe, and loosen your strings when you eat very small meals a few times a day. Eventually your waist will conform to the mold, and you can cinch it even tighter.

People have wound up with permanent damage from this, although I hear there is a way of minimizing the damage. I also know in some countries, women have their lower ribs removed, as to attain the perfect wasp waist.

I do not reccomend, nor practice either one of these. Anyway I prefer an hourglass figure, and although I like wearing a corset once in a while, find the above method frightening.

If you do try tightlacing, please read the FAQ, and only do so with a custom-fitted corset. Romantasy and Dark Garden (look them up on yahoo) are great for custom corsets, as I have ordered from them, and so have many of my friends.