Distorted gender roles is a symptom of today's version of the nuclear family. This isn't about women working, or men who stay home. This has more to do with a child's perception of the male and female during the developmental years.

As much as women are independent, and males capable of more than "killing and procreating", without proper male (father figure) and female (mother figure} role models in a child's life, there are no examples of healthy emotional and social interaction. This can lead to problems a child may have with social and emotional growth, and expressing their own sexuality. This doesn't mean a child with only a male figure will wind up gay, but they may have trouble with expressing and interacting with their own gender, nevermind the opposite.

This has to do with too frequent, or an absent parent. A child's first example of males, and females is their parents. Biological parents need not be where this example is found. It has more to do with who they see as their primary care givers are.

A child who has just one primary care giver often "de-sexualizes" certain fundamental society roles. This has less to do with providing food, shelter, etc. It has more to do with emotional support, and growth. A female child's first male example is the father figure. He sets a "precedent" on proper behavior with other males. This is just one tiny example.

This is just a general piece on "distorted gender roles". This is a symptom, which can occur. It happens for many reasons, and in this node I am only really able to touch on the basics. The why/how/who is all on a case, by case basis. This, like most psychoanalytical theories is just that. A theory. For those who would like to know more, or discuss this topic further, please contact me. I am very interested. Please do so by finding me on SlashNet in #everything, or by emailing juliet@escape.com