Her life starts out sounding like the book, "A Little Princess", but winds up like the book, "Prozac Nation".

Vivien Leigh was an amazing, brilliant, luminous actress who graced the screen for years, probably best remembered for her role of "Scarlett O'Hara", in Gone With The Wind.

She was born in India, then at six was sent to England to a proper finishing school. There she found the love of acting.

As she came of age, she found the love of the stage, and one marriage and a few years later she meets a man who sweeps her off her feet. His name was Laurence Olivier.

A few small movie roles later, and a move to America, she winds up receiving an Oscar at 26 for Best Actress for her Gone With The Wind. Twelve years later, she is again graced with an Oscar for her part of "Blanche Dubois", opposite Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire".

Her life looked dream-like, but it was cursed. She was a manic-depressive, who had the love of her life, but could not hold on to it. She, like many other Hollywood elite from that era smiled a false smile to the public, while they were crumbling inside. She would go into deep seclusion, and would pop up, only to make a film every 5-10 years. She died a lonely death at 53 of tuburculosis in 1967.