I was watching c-span the other day, and they were letting groups who were scheduled protesters at the National Republican Convention, have a few minutes to explain why they were protesting. This guy who was wearing this brown ugly suit, that didn' fit stood up (at least dress like you are addressing the nation, don't come off like a wacky hippie). He started discussing how much money was spent on just campaigning. He was talking about the money people spend just promoting themselves, while people went without healthcare and how hypocritical it was.

He was right. The things he was bringing up are importent facts. He went on and on and on. He got to be so annoying that I went from being interested, and wanting to be involved -- to being annoyed and not really caring anymore. He got so preachy, I changed the channel. Maybe I am a bad person, or I am just lazy. But, I find something to be wrong when I went from caring, to being annoyed. This man just totally fucked up what his objective was, which was to inform, and hopefully have people care.

Personally I don't like activists. I don't like information being preached to me, that isn't informing. Activists sometimes do way more harm for their cause, than good. This is just my opinion, I am probably warped.