i was so nervous.. i stepped out of the cab and rang the doorbell.. my
heart was racing.. he came down the stairs and opened the door.. we
hugged.. he held me for what felt like hours.. i had a million feelings and emotions rushing through my body..
scared.. happy.. love.. joy.. we went upstairs.. i ran into the bathroom
and checked my hair.. when i came out.. and he was pouring some wine.. the tv had some random movie on.. that was the only thing that illuminated the room.. we sat down on the
couch.. and talked.. and talked about everything from work, to common friends, to our own demons.. i was scared.. i didnt know exactly what to do or say.. the fact that i was scared and nervous was impossible to hide.. he touched my leg.. electricty ran through my body.. he took my
shoes off.. commented on my Enzo's.. I smiled.. he pulled me closer to him..
His touch warmed me all over.. he put my legs in his lap.. and grabbed my
hand and commented how tiny they were in his.. i could feel my
heart racing.. he leaned over.. and kissed me.. my soul and being knew what being alive was after that moment