There is a female version, of this cynical and insecure line. Well a few, it depends on the girl of course. Of course you can turn them around for men too.
  • "He'd never find me attractive, why bother."

  • Automatically assuming that no man is physically attracted to one's self, is a good cop-out. It's the whole, "I hope it's not true, but if it is.. I have the satisfaction of being right" I will admit though.. With that mentality is a good way to make male friends. If you already rule out the possibility of attraction, it makes it easier to just hang out.

  • "If he talks to me, it's just because he is trying to get laid."

  • This is the, "Every guy is really just a jerk, men suck." whine. I must admit, girls who assume every guy is really just a manipulative con-artist.. well what is she? She seems to think people are only around her because they want something from her. Maybe because she is just like them?

  • "He's probably gay."

  • Well, this does happen at times. Usually it is just a way to rationalize why one isn't even trying to meet someone. They assume anyone they find attractive, would find them attractive.. if they don't.. they must be gay.