My Birthday! Officially I am now 22.

At midnight, I was in a cab heading to a nice little Broadway caberet somewhere in the Village. I mocked some girl's version of "On My Own", and drank an awful lot. I also realized I have trouble meeting men in gay bars. Around 4am, rogerb, Paul, and I schelepped back to our hotel.

Around 4pm, I got a call from yossarian. He gave me the infos on dinner. I showered, and changed. I had plans to meet a few friends for drinks before dinner. They were late. They made me late. Mario Cuomo was sitting next to me at the bar in my hotel.

Dennis (one of the people who made me late), took the cab with me to dinner. I met snazzy cool noders there. We went to the World Trade Center, to go to Windows on the World, unfortunately not everyone made dress code. We then trekked to a dive bar. I drank way too much.

After this, about midnight someone decided LSD might be fun. I agreed.