It was crazy! Some of you were there! And it all took place in this huge house. I think this is because I fell asleep printing out directions for everything2000con.

Juliet's Everything Dream

I rang the door bell, and knifegirl answered. (I doubt she looks like this in real life, no one in this other than me probably looks like they do in real life.) She led me down a corridor, and up a flight of stairs. She opened up a door, and told me that I was staying there for the weekend. So I walked in, and set down my bags. The room was a lovely suite, done up in sheer pinks and purples. Later on I find out everyone's room matches their everything personalities.

I freshen up a bit, and decide to go exploring. I walk down a huge flight of stairs, which leads to a room with some people sitting around and drinking. For some reason I am wearing my New Year's Eve outfit. I walk in, and just kinda stand off in a corner, since I am unsure of who everyone is. After a while, I realize I am in a room with loothi, dem bones, discofever, and some people I didn't recognize. We all talked for a little, and I went back upstairs.

This is where it gets interesting..
More to come