I woke up in Philidelphia, having arrived there the afternoon before with ophie, her man, and his room mate. We were there for Pumpcon. Ophie and I decided to share a suite, but it seems neither of us slept in it. She was with her boyfriend and others partying til dawn, and I spent the night sleeping in the spare bedroom of someone else's suite (alone).

At 10am, and went to hotel where the conference was. Someone the previous night gave me a mdma pill. I figuired it would be fun to take for breakfast, since I didn't the previous night.

I met my friends Jason, rogerb, knarphie and a bunch of others in the lobby. I had a great time talking and seeing a bunch of people I don't often get to spend time with.

Around noon the conference started. Pumpcon traditionally starts with the MC's standing up, and doing a vodka, or Jack Daniels chug. Since ophie and I were co-MC'ing we said a few words, and followed tradition. I really didn't take the big swig, because of the intoxicating substance I took earlier. After that we sat at the head table, and started listening to speeches. I started to feel the e kick in, and it was strong. I don't usually get paranoid when doing drugs, but I felt as if everyone was looking at me. I was correct. Since I was at a table facing an audience of about 150 people, they were all looking at me.. even if not by choice.

I left the conference for some fresh air, and ophie had Jason take me back to my room. After about 30 minutes I was chill and went back to the conference. When I got there, a few fist fights had broken out, typical when you throw big egos and liquor together. I threw myself in the middle of two of them. I was trying to prevent any local law enforcement involvement. I didn't succeed totally since the cops don't like the sight of 70 people watching a fight.

After a late lunch with some people, we went to a shooting range. I shot off about 5-6 clips, then went back to the bar everyone was at. I was suppose to tell NeXT.boy how I kinda dug him. I started drinking. Since I had turned 21 the previous month, everyone was buying me a drink. It helped that on the official announcement, that "Buy Juliet a drink, she's finally 21" was a footnote. I socialized, drank, and got drunker. I flirted with a few boys, then got the confidence to break it to someone I had a crush on them. He felt that anything more than our flirting and cuddling would break our friendship (He was right). I ended the evening at last call, with about 12 friends. I crashed out at about 4am in a sparebed.