Ok, I have been editing all my old nodes.. I get very pedantic when i'm on dexedrine

I saw this girl last night.. she hates/loves me.. I guess she thinks i'm cool.. but she is envious and competetive. It's annoying. She personifier of what I dislike about a lot of women. She always hits on any guy I date, only because I have him. She backstabs, and the worse is what she said last night. I showed her some pictures from my vacation, and all she had to say was "You look like a waif". THAT BITCH. That is her way of saying "You lost weight and look like crap". BTW I look no where close to a waif, I am not even thin.

Anyway.. Tonite I can either go to the only decent dance club in Ft. Myers, FL.. (which is a gay club.. so i don't know why i bother getting all dressed up, since i'm straight.. although i've been hit on by guys there.. never girls.. i don't know why).. or I can go see Girl Interrupted. Maybe I will do both.