Whenever I find myself caring about someone, I feel the need to tell them my flaws. The more I value them, the more things I tell them.

I go into personality quirks, past mistakes, my big bag of issues. Usually they receive this information either in a big list, or I sit them down and just spew words.

The reason behind this is because I believe in letting people know what they are getting into. Good surprises and mysteries are fun, but the bad ones can really suck.

There are some things we know we can, and can't deal with. I just want them to know what may exist. I fear being accused of trying to hide things. I fear being walked away from by those I love and trust. I also respect someone enough to inform them of the whole truth. This method has it's setbacks, but I feel if someone is going to walk away from me because of one of my flaws.. I'd rather have it be before I really fall for them. It prevents being hurt, just a tad.. on both sides.

Those who seem to think I am exaggerating, or that it doesn't matter I tend to walk away from. It shows they don't trust my perspective, or what I am saying.

Those who listen, and give me some feedback, and take what I say into consideration.. well those are the kind of people I try to surround myself with.