You speak to me of honesty..
you vowed to me your commitment..
maybe I am just paranoid..
a typical girl..

I hear stories of un-faithfulness in our bed..
I ask you..
you tell me I am mad..
But you're story is the one that doesnt match up..
your facts dont equal up..
I would be hurt.. but we could work it through..

maybe I am just making stories up in my mind..

when you told me the story of being
practically molested by an old schoolfriend..
then how you pushed her away and kicked her out I was slightly doubtful..
and when I came home to see the three huge bruised on your neck from another womans lips..
I was very skeptical..
but I love you..

and in my naive and foolish mind..
hoped there was a hint of truth in your tall tale..

-- Victoria Palmer

Editor Note: Victoria Palmer is juliet. This is not a copyright issue.