This is where I prove I am scary. This show was one of my guilty pleasures. Here is where the evidence lies, that I was a latch-key kid who grew up in the 80's.

This show is about the Seaver family. They reside on Long Island, in Huntington, New York. (a lot of references are made to towns around there)

Jason Seaver (played by that canadian Alan Thicke) is the father. He is a psychiatrist. His loving wife is Maggie (played by Joanna Kerns). She is a reporter for the local news station, using the name Maggie Malone.

They have four kids. The oldest is Mike (played bu teen pop icon, Kirk Cameron). Mike was always getting into trouble when he was in high school. He later became an actor, then he decided to become a teacher. He got jilted at the altar once, and then married a fellow actor named Julie (played by Chelsa Noble, and they got married in real life).

Carol (played by Tracey Gold, she was bulimic during the later 1/2 of the show, she puts part of the blame on the constant scripted jokes about her being chubby) was second born Seaver child. A genius, who was on homecoming court. She dated the high school football star, and a cute guy who died drinking and driving (this part was played by Matthew Perry, who wound up being a friend on Friends). After high school, she became went to Columbia Univ., and later dropped out for an proofing job.

Ben was the youngest child for a long time. He went from the cute kid, to a dorky high school student. Mediocre in every way.

About 10 years after Ben, the youngest child was born. A curly haired little girl named Chrissy. Annoying as hell in my opinion.

The Seavers being warm-hearted took in a foster child. His name was Luke (played by some guy named Leonadro DiCaprio). Luke was everything Ben wasn't. Popular, cute, and smart.

Unfortunately the Seaver family hasn't been heard of or seen since their early 90's move to Washington D.C.

My brain holds way too much useless information.. I have a photographic memory, too bad I don't have control over what I remember