it all resembles circular motions, yet never loops around to someplace familiar.. so i went to the doctor Thursday morning. i'm not sure if i like him.

Wolfgang gave me my birthday present early.. a trip to see my friends without him.. it is more than rad he understands my need to spend time with my friends.. and even more that he recognizes i am so stressed and need a break

last night i fucked around for hours with my stupid web page and new LiveJournal style. i was so tired, up for a gazillion hours.. which didn't help.. i just could not get the stupid text to show right. the text isn't stupid i was.. and overtired i refused to just walk away .. get some sleep.. and look at it when i was coherent.. heh i haven't fixed it yet, but that is out of laziness.. i also kinda dread looking at, because when i do i will see how much time i wasted out of stubbornness

today was just me running errands.. i am staying home tonite.. or i will just go over to wolfgangs.. but that will just eventually lead me to sleep.. my kittykat is over there.. i haven't seen pouncer for a while.. i miss him..

i had a glass of wine with my dinner.. i like wine's ability to make me not drunk in one glass, but enough to make my shoulders sit normally instead of all cramped up out of tension.. this is a physical sign of whats going on in my head

i never mind good covers of song.. but i hate when a crappy band remakes a song i really like.. some dumb band remade "How Soon is Now?".. i couldn't believe the audacity.. how dare they touch something so sacred.. that song didn't need to be remade.. the original was something to remain untouched.. especially not to be released on crappy teenybopper top 40 stations.. i am old, hypocritical, and i just don't get what the kids listen to..