Oh my god. My life is so fucked up right now. Stupid Greta told Justin I liked him. Justin told Sean that he knows, and Sean told me tonite. I got all sad, and broke into tears. Sean hugged me and tried to cheer me up. Justin acted like such a jerk about it. I can't believe Greta, one of my best friends told him.

Scott knows I like him. On thursday I cut algebra, and went to Danielle's gym class. She is in the same gym class as Scott. I watched him from the bleachers all period. Then in 5th period there is a guy named Josh Johnson. He's Scott's best friend. He's the one who first told Scott I might like him. When the final bell rang, Josh wasn't there yet. He came in a few seconds later and started talking to Jessica Holmes. Then in walked Scott. He came with Josh to my art class! Jason James started kicking me under the desk, and Scott whispered "hi" as he walked by! I was totally freaking out inside! Then Josh held a note in front of my face, I was too nervous to be able to read, but I did catch the words "cute girl" and "I would ask her out". He then pulled it away and said, "that information pertains to you". Josh and Scott spent the rest of the class painting shirts. Towards the end of class.. Josh gave me a hug from behind, and said "he's such a cutie isn't he!" I talked to Sean after school and told him what happened, then he started calling me "cute girl".

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