A novel written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, she also authored The Secret Garden. It is a lovely book about a little English girl named Sara Crewe, who was raised in India, by her widowed father. During the late 1800's he is sent off to war, and she is sent off to a English all-girls boarding school. Later on her father dies, leaving her penniless, and at the mercy of a cruel schoolmistress. Her spirit, and heart help her get through the tragedy. Of course like all fairy tales, she winds up finding a family who helps her recover her father's wealth. More than that they provide her with the love she desires.

In 1939, Shirley Temple starred in a crappy Hollywood version of this story. They changed the ending, so that her father was really alive, and she finds him in a hospital with amnesia.

PBS aired a good, true to the story version in 1986, but it lacked something. At least it was true to the story.

In 1997 they re-vamped the story, with the crappy ending. Instead they placed it in WWI, and the boarding school was in New York. I will give them the credit of amazing cinematography, and Liesel Matthews was absolutely captivating as Sara Crew.