Today I received an unusually long message from a friend via voicemail. Messages get deleted after 24 hours, but for some reason I really wished I could keep this one; which is why I decided to store it on Everything.

Jason, this is Shaun, ahh how's it going, ummm, ah, not really sure why I'm ringing you up, I guess coz it's Wednesday and, umm, I dunno. Be it known, I am gonna start living a healthier lifestyle. I don't remember the last time I ate a piece of fruit or a vegetable and I think my body is now telling me that I really should start doing that sort of thing; ummm, I haven't been at a hundred percent capacity in the last couple of days, ummm, but that's all gonna change. Umm, anyway, umm just give us a ring later on or (indecipherable half-word) I'm at my parents' place right now but i'll be go, but this is, this is two, quarter past two, umm, and but I'm going home, umm about 5. My parents' number is (deleted) and, so if you want to give me a ring before 5, and ummm, (indecipherable excited sounding words) I, I, I just have not asked be-, before whether you have or not but, like, if you don't have My Iron Lung or have never heard it--you probably have, you probably have it--but ummm, but I'll, I'll have to lend it to you because I've owned it for years--I actually got it for free when I bought OK Computer but I stopped listening to it about a year ago and I just ah (a click, now speaks very fast) Apparently I've only got ten seconds' recording time remaining, umm anyway so to sum up, I'll speak to you later. Bye.