After a substantial amount of land was donated to the city of Spokane, Washington by the widow of Eugene Shadle, a descendant of the Scottish Henderson Clan, the city built a park and constructed Shadle Park High School on a small portion of the land. The school later organized the Shadle Park Pipe Band, a group of student bagpipers, Scottish drummers, and Highland dancers donning the Henderson tartan in pep cons, ceilidhs, and parades.

The following letter appeared in the local newspaper following the group's performance with the Shadle Park marching band in October of 2000. Somehow, it was made apparent to this man that most of those wearing kilts were not, in fact, going regimental.

For authenticity's sake, no undies

I am American born, in San Francisco, to parents from a Hebridean Tribe in northern Scotland. I am also offended by the dress and costumes worn by high school bands in award-winning presentations.

My complaint is the manner in which the Shadle Park High School band members wear their kilts. A true Scot would never venture out with any type of undergarment beneath his or her kilt, regardless of rain, snow or updrafts.

It would be appreciated if you would bring this breach of ethnic sensitivity [to] the attention of District 81's equity director.