The scottish court could not find the man guilty of anything, as he merely told the Policemen to "Fuck Off" whch the court, quite rightly decreed was in "the language of his time" Had the gentleman shouted the insult he would have effectively breached the peace and would have been had up for that. If you have ever been to Scotland, you will have little choice but to agree with the court. Without disrespect to the Scots, the general language on the street is very coarse, and this no doubt stems from their heroic and bloody past, more recently the bleakness of the industries that have made scotland what it is today.

The Law in Scotland differs a great deal to those we are accustomed to. Take this example, that I heared on the radio on my way to work. In a recent trial a man was found innocent of raping a woman, even though the evidence of her objection to sex was overwhelming, and sustained by the court. Rather harshly the judge said that by no means should it be considered that by merely not consenting to sex should it be considered rape. It seems that a physical struggle to deter the violation is what would constitute rape. When you consider that in America maybe (I am not 100% certain), and definitely England, to say no to sex is enough to make it rape.