I sit in the glow of the monitor, waiting for Kim to call. After our meeting (Cf. May 25, 2001), we've seen each other twice, once very briefly last week, and again Monday night, when we had dinner at my house.

We discussed going out to HR-57 to hear some jazz tonight, an event she seemed interested in. Today's her day off, and I called her this morning from work to firm up the plans. Voice mail. Again I called a couple more times as the afternoon waned. Voice mail.

I left a message for her on the way home from work, asking her to call me. I came home, worked out for a bit, and still no call back. The jazz starts at 8:30 pm, and it's nearly 8:00 now.

I'm beginning to fear that I've been stood up. Apparently her ex has been taking drastic measures to try to revive their relationship, despite her insistence that it's over. Perhaps he's been successful, and she's ignoring me at his behest. Perhaps I'm just being paranoid.

Given that Margaret is taking some space right now, and probably building up to breaking up with me, it would be very unfortunate if Kim were to also bail on me. This is not how things are supposed to work.

I suppose I'll putter around the house a bit, and wait for her to call. Man, how pathetic does that sound?