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University of Sydney
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Computer Science Graduate of University of Sydney.

Computer Science Honours of University of Sydney (current - 2002).

Full Time working at Superior Software for Windows. Primarily with ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# and half a dozen other Microsoft Technologies.

Artificial Intelligence:
(which computer nerd is NOT interested in AI put your hand up!). In particular, evolutionary programming (do not mix up with genetic algorithms - there is a big difference).

Distributed Object Oriented Systems:

Database Systems:
Database Design and Implementation. ER and ORM modelling.

Favourate Company in the world:
Microsoft (face it, they make nice software no matter what *you* think).

Most Annoyed Company in the world:
Microsoft (yes, some of their software is a nightmare to cope with).

Favourate Computer Program:
Microsoft Visual Studio.NET (VB, C#, VC++, ASP, XML, Database, Source Control, Intelli Sense, EVERYTHING! build in. You will not need another tool, you will need more ram though).