1. "So, he's a recovering meth addict, but I figured the least I can do is let him watch my house while I'm out of the country."
  2. "After we've finished this drink, lets go play chicken on the freeway!"
  3. "I know it's raining outside - that's why we decided to bring the grill inside and have the barbeque in the house."
  4. "That Prince Mugabe who's been emailing me seems like such a nice guy. I'll give him whatever he needs, and the money I'll get is just a bonus."
  5. "Sure we'll invade Russia in the middle of winter!"
  6. "Well, I'm really horny, and that horse over there is looking better by the minute."
  7. "I don't know if the gas stove is on - I'll light a match to see."
  8. "This is going to need some serious cleaning. Pass me the bleach and ammonia, won't you?"
  9. "Well of course I'm not telling them I'm taking my gun onto the plane! I've got a concealed carry license, after all!"
  10. "That junk-yard dog may be frothing at the mouth, but he looks friendly enough to me. I think I'll pet him."
  11. "We'll build a great big bonfire in the middle of the forest, then get drunk and pass out! It'll be great!"
  12. "I let my kids play with my gun when it's loaded - it's important that they learn not to be afraid of them."
  13. "It looks like something's stuck in this plug socket. I'll just try reach in there and pull it out."
  14. "Yes I know he broke his last debtor's legs, but I really need some cocaine Now!"
  15. "So? You can still play Russian Roulette with an semi-automatic!"
  16. "I'm good to drive for the next four hours - I've already been awake for 48!"
  17. "So if I've pulled out this pin, I should throw the grenade, yeah?"
  18. "Quick, let's head into the armory for a smoke - the drill sergeant won't catch us there."