It seems like this node should be called stolen bikes or pieces of my bike that were stolen, but I guess it will be more interesting as it is.

I've had two bikes in New York City, the most recent is chained up outside with its seat missing.

My first bike was stolen within three weeks.

Despite having two Kryptonite locks, the big, 20 pound, unbreakable chain for the frame and back tire, and a thinner "annoyance'" lock for the front tire. The current bike has had nearly everything on it pilfered over it's 3 year career. Keep in mind this bike is a bonefide POS. The locks cost more than the bike did. Replacing all the missing pieces cost more than the bike did. Lunch for a week costs more than that bike did. But, I'm tall, and the frame is big enough to fit me. Also, I really don't want to keep it in my apartment or carry it up and down the stairs everytime I need to use it.

Parts that have been stolen:
  • Rear de-railer (I think they were angry because everything else was locked.
  • Stem bolt for handle bars (nearly killed myself since I didn't notice right away.
  • Front tire (the one time I didn't use the second lock to tie it down)
  • half a handgrip (they tore it and took some of it?)
  • Rear brake cable
  • The seat mount (not the seat, not the seat-post, but the piece between the seat and the post, I honestly didn't even know there was such a part)
The replacement for the last stolen part is still on my desk, waiting for me to get over my cloud of futility and put the bike back together again. Of course when I do put it all back together again, I'll have to go to the bike shop for a tune up, which will probably cost more than the bike did in the first place.

Sometimes I think it's more effort than it is worth.