I seem to recall a time, a generation ago, when a publication like Rolling Stone was actually radical and counterculture. Times change, don't they?

Now, this once admirable magazine has sunk to the depths of anachronisms like TV Guide. This week's issue offers not one, not two, but six different covers. Five are of the individual members of N'Sync. The sixth is a collective shot of the whole group.

Great concept. So those shills put someone like me in a great spot: as the father of a 14-year-old rabid N'Sync fan, I'm practically expected to run out to the nearest magazine rack and drop $17.70 plus tax for the entire collection. Six copies of the same old crap.

Thanks, Mr. Wenner.

A note: that 14-year-old rabid N'Sync was perfectly happy to get just the issue with Joey Fatone on the cover. This demonstrates her higher intelligence and greater consideration for others then indicated by the folks at Rolling Stone.