During the filming of Star Trek: First Contact, there were a lot of extras who spent all their time dressed as Borg Drones, with a lot of time on their hands (anyone who's ever been on a film set can attest to the fact that about 90% of the shoot is spent drinking coffee). To compensate for the boredom, these extras started creating "borgisms" - little puns on the Borg theme, that would be pinned to the wall or called out whenever appropriate. Apparently the list grew quite long, and even a few of the main cast members contributed.

Here's a list of the few I can remember:

The fans have taken this idea on and there are now huge lists of Borgisms (as a quick search on Google just showed me.

I should say, I wasn't there on the First Contact set, but I saw several interviews with the cast when the movie was released, in which they mentioned Borgisms.