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jnavas is:

  • An inconsistent series of actions either tending to vacuum-packed insularity or broad-horizoned debauchery.
  • A public transport user with a secret desire to get run over by an inhuman twat in a company car.
  • A lover of certainty and order with an impulsive streak and an adoration of chaos which occasionally surfaces and usually leads to a kind of destruction.
  • A habitual exaggerator who turns a police stop into an arrest, a kiss into a night of wild animal sex and an anthill into an Andean peak.
  • A mental photographer of the world who stops dead in streets to store unrepeatable scenes of light and preceipitation and concrete.
  • A fondness for doing nothing competing with an anxiety to do something.
  • A magnetic desire to be with people that suddenly shifts into a manic bitterness against them.
  • An aching for the past that dulls a yearning for the future.