English band that started as a grindcore outfit but have developed a very personal style over the years. Since their third album, the music can be described as mid-paced death metal characterized by ultra-heavy riffs, a certain Middle Eastern influence in the lead guitars and the use of a unique drum beat resembling the sound of galloping horses. Vocalist Karl Willets is one of the most talented in the genre, always brutal yet perfectly intelligible. Update: In 2001 Willets left the band and was replaced by Dave Ingram (former Benediction growler)

Each of their albums has the typical Bolt Thrower sound but somehow keeps its own distinctive identity. The second album was released in a joint effort by Earache Records and Games Workshop. At that time, the fact that some members of the band were into the Warhammer games was clearly reflected in the lyrics and song titles, and someone in Games Workshop decided to offer the band a contract after hearing their Peel Session in the radio. For subsequent releases they shook the Game Workshop influence off and their war-related lyrics got more thoughtful and pessimistic.