I am alive in NYC.

My girlfriend's mother woke us up this morning with a phone call telling us to turn on the TV. I saw everything everyone else saw on television today. From where I live, Lexington and 29th Street, we can see the smoke, but things seem for the most part okay. The smoke is blowing south towards Brooklyn. The streets are clear of cars, and the people on the sidewalk are all in shock, walking like zombies. I spoke to friends in Park Slope Brooklyn, who said the sky was black, the air smelled like burning plastic, and it was raining paper. One of my friends found papers on the roof of his building in Brooklyn with the address of the World Trade Center on the letterhead. This friend by the way, is legolog on E2, and I can vouch for his safety.

We have packed our bags, and are prepared to leave the city if it is necessary and/or possible. Hopefully there will be no more disasters in the coming hours and days. There are soldiers in the street in some parts of the city, and emergency vehicles driving back and forth frantically attempting to help the situation. The hospitals are overwhelmed, and there are blood donation centers set up every few blocks. I spoke to some friends who were in the area when the third building near the World Trade Center collapsed. So far, I think I have contacted everyone I know that works or lives in that area, and they are all okay. My heart goes out to those who lost friends or family in the attack. What is happening today is truly incomprehensible. It is completely surreal, and I don't know how to begin to process it yet. The one thing that has stuck with me all day, is what my uncle said when I spoke to him today:

"God help us."