The last Final Fantasy for the Playstation.

Breaking the trend of increasing technological development in Final Fantasies, FF9 is set in a world of magic. Black mages, Moogles, and actually being able to fully equip your characters.

The characters that are known so far are:

  • Zidane Tribal, a thief with a tail
  • Vivi, a black mage with no memory
  • Garnet, a princess with white mage abilities
  • Steiner, Garnet's body guard
  • Quina, aka Gogo
  • Eiko, a summoner
  • Freija, a dragoon
  • Salamander, a brawler

Also of note is Cid, who is the ruler of a floating city opposed to Garnet's. Don't worry, he's a good guy.

Abilities come from the items equipped by the characters, much like they came from the Espers in FF6. Characters will be able to equip based on their class, meaning Vivi will not be wearing a full plate, etc. Equipment has different effects depending on who wears it. An item that gives Vivi a fire spell might give Garnet a resistance spell, or Steiner an increase in HP.

Also, the parties will have four characters in them.

More news as it develops.

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