Platform: Famicon
Date: 1988

Not to be confused with Final Fantasy IV (SNES 1991) which was known in America as Final Fantasy II.

The Empire is using monsters to take over the world. Four warriors from Phin are killed by the Empire. Three of them wake up in the care of a white mage. The mage joins them as they travel, in search of a rumoured mithril that they can use to defeat the Empire.

They meet Cid, who is willing to take them in his airship for a fee, but they decide they need to the XP instead. They reach a mithril mine, worked by prisoners. They free the prisoners and take the mithril to a smith so they can get new weapons.

They then try to take a Battleship (airship) from the Empire, but the Dark Knight finds them before they get to it. They fight, the Dark Knight runs and takes the Battleship and destroys a peaceful city. Cid tells them where to find the Battleship's power source, a mystical Sun Flame. They do a mystical ritual, it doesn't stop the Battleship from capturing Cid's airship. They break in when it lands, fight a lot, and blow the Battleship up.

Afterwards, they go to the last flying dragon, cure it of poison only for it to die. They take the dragon's egg and place it in the Pool of Life.

They get themselves swallowed by Leviathan, inside of which they find a village of everyone else who had been swallowed. They find the last Dragoon, who joins them. (Keep in mind that the fourth person changes all the time) They escape Leviathan.

Their white mage friend gets distentigrated so they can get Ultima. A little flying dragon (from the egg) meets their Dragoon. The Emperor has summoned a whirlwind, but the Dragoon/dragon combo has no problem entering it to kill the Emperor.

Good news, it seems, until the Dark Knight claims the throne. They then realize that the Dark Knight was their friend who had been killed in the very first battle. They go to confront their friend, but the ex-Emperor comes back from the grave to fry the castle and kill them all. The Dragoon sacrifices himself so they can all escape on the flying dragon. The Dark Knight agrees to join them to defeat the undead Emperor.

They kill the Emperor, the Dark Knight leaves. The end.

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