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to learn two imporatnt things while here: 1. to learn how to love someone. 2. to learn how to be loved by someone.
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Born nebraska 1949 feb. 13. Raised there till 1965 joined jobcorp san marcos texas. Graduated from combination welding in 1967. Returned to neb. Moved to port angeles, washington. Learned how to log worked as logger for untill drafted in 1969. Went to veitnam 1969-1971. Got back to the world april 1971.
Travel worked , logging, reforestation, tree planting, oil sismic exploration, big rig drilling, farming, wheat tractors, plow, harrow, disk, plant, alaska fishing, processing fish for export, fishing catcher ship at sea, bering ,baltic seas. dutch harbor, kodiac island. many other things places jobs and two stars right and on till dawn.