I don't know what "cahla" is talking about. I work for state government, and I can say with all honesty that I more than earn my pay, which is below private industry. I manage Information Technology for a state agency, and it is a handful. There is no time for screwing around, as I've got to deal with software projects, network problems, support issues, fiscal/billing issues, timesheets, status reports, outside vendors, integration with other state agencies, databases, standards, documentation, mobile phones, desktop phones, custom mobile apps, DSL for off-site employees, VPN, firewall issues, and of course, users who have all sorts of problems.

State employees in my state have no union representation, so we are at the mercy of the legislature and governor, who are very conservative and do not like government, much less government employees. We have not had a raise in 7 years, and in fact, for two years we had "furloughs," which were pay cuts. Multiple studies have been done that show we are undercompensated. Essentially, the more highly-skilled and educated you are, the greater the disparity in compensation. Governor appointees are the exception. Both parties appoint their campaign donors and political friends to VERY high-paying positions. But the rank-and-file state employee is paid poorly. We do not get "snow days", Christmas bonuses, or even pay based on performance, which would be wonderful. It reminds me very much of Peter in Office Space, where he says he just does good enough to keep his job. That is how I feel. I can't be fired because I work a crucial position and do a good job, but I am tired of trying to excel. After 7 years, still no raise. Morale for me, and every other employees, is completely in the toilet. Sadly, I have to admit that I hate my job and will be retiring immediately when I qualify after 12 more years of work.

I have never heard of "wash up times," nor would anyone where I work even think of bullying someone in the public. I truly believe the above poster is just making stuff up, because that entire post sounds like an anti-government hater trying to slander government employees.