The old Gadsden Flag first created during the American Revolutionary War experienced a revival of popularity after the terrorist attacks of September 11. The flag consists of a coiled rattlesnake on a field of bright yellow and the motto, Don't Tread On Me. The flag expressed the sentiments of many Americans, but might have been more widely displayed by flag waving citizens had it been more obviously American looking. Perhaps it should be updated by graphic designers with an interest in Vexillology who might incorporate some Red, White and Blue bunting or other elements of Americana heraldry in order to make the rattlesnake flag into a new flag more popular to a wider audience, a more diverse group of citizens.

A favorite of the Libertarian Party (which also likes peace signs and other anti-war symbols -- talk about strange bedfellows!) -- the bright yellow Gadsden Flag has of late become co-opted by various domestic groups with anti-government scaremongering, anti-federalist agendas precisely because of its lack of Stars and Stripes. The rattler seems to act as a rallying point for a wide range of political groups with otherwise non-intersecting interests. Who would have guessed how much Anti-globalization protester marching for Peace and Social and Economic Justice would like Gadsden's defiant flag? Even the EFF features the famous quotation modified into "Don't Tread On Us" on its Blue Ribbon Campaign internet banner ads. One attempt to redesign the flag can be found at -- And one last thing, isn't it odd when you think about it for the These Colors Don't Run crowd to fly a yellow flag?