As a matter of common etiquette, most people wash their hands after using the restroom (or at least rinse them off, hopefully in the sink). i mean, you're going to be out and about, touching a hell of a lot of things others are going to also have to handle. It's a matter of cleanliness, sanitation and hygene toward others and society in general. Do you really want to handle money, touch doorknobs or shake hands with a hand that has just been near (if not on) someone else's genitalia? Of course not! That's nasty!

My argument is this: Washing your hands before using the restroom makes just as much sense, if not more. Your crotch is a veritable heaven for bacteria and can give easy access to all manners of delicate tissues, organs and mucus membranes. Washing your hands before using the restroom minimizes the chance of spreading something your hands have picked up onto your sensitive private parts.

i work in basically a glorified machine shop. Most of the mills, lathes and other instruments of destruction around here are older than i am. This place is dirty. The machines are dirty. There's no telling what you might get all over your hands out there. Maybe it's cosmoline, perhaps oil or STP all mixed with 30 years of grunge. i sure as shit don't want to touch my penis, knowing that any of that nast is all over my hands. i wash my hands before i use the restroom at work. After thinking about it for a while, i realized this was a good idea, no matter where i am.

So please, out of respect for yourself, wash your hands before you use the restroom.