Finals were looming large on the horizon, threatening those of us wishing to keep our scholarships active. Jeff, Matt and I all decided to take a break from studying and grab a bite to eat. We met up at Zestos on Ponce de Leon Avenue and ate, deciding to head to the nearby Borders for a "quick" look at a few books. "Real quick, I promise" was Jeff's mantra as we made our way to our cars.

45 minutes later, we were finally in line at the checkout. I had a book for Laura in hand, but was idly chatting with Jeff. The staff was probably glad to see us go, as Jeff and I had spent the previous 20 minutes wandering around the bookstore, wondering loudly, "Where in the fuck are the sex books?" and laughing noisily. Two guys were in line in front of me, one with the latest issue of Playboy in hand. I smiled to myself and thought of the typical excuses, "just reading it for the articles" and the like. My purchase was soon completed, so Matt and I bid Jeff goodbye and made our way through the parking lot and to his car, ready to head back to the fort and hit the books once again.

A blue Ford Ranger nearly hit me as it backed out of its parking space, which provided me a good look at the occupants of the cab. The man in the passenger seat had the interior light on and Hugh's wondrous creation turned 90 degrees from its usual orientation. A tri-folded page, the pinnacle of this month's entertainment for men spilling out. I couldn't help but laugh out loud as I gave him a thumbs up and a big grin.

Lo and behold, I recieved a /msg from Spackle the next day, confirming we had a random run-in at Borders the previous evening.. Spackle and i were kindred spirits, I suppose. Both of us are in college in this big screwy city, we both co-op. We had chatted a bit in the catbox, but we had never met face to face. Yet due to the mystical power of pornography and E2, we had finally met. Everything is a community and Playboy only seems to bring us together even faster.