One of the nicest aspects of riding a motorcycle is the camaraderie with other motorcycle riders. This friendship crosses all common borders between people and even those within the motorcycle community. Die-hard Harley nuts, guys on flashy crotch rockets, motorcycle cops and even people riding old beaters all wave to each other when passing another motorcyclist or when another one is coming the other direction in the opposite lane.

Waving to another motorcyclist can be a bit tricky, as your hands are responsible for the clutch, front brake, throttle, headlight, turn signals, horn and steering, of course. The standard method to wave is:

  • Take your left hand off the grip (since your right grip is the throttle and slowing down is not an option)
  • Extend your index and middle fingers perpendicular to the direction of travel and parallel to the road (in other words - "out")

Congratulations, you've just helped spread the love through the motorcycling community.

Albert Herring noted that road cyclists usually wave to each other in a very similar manner.

This is based on my own expericences in the United States. If yours have been different, please /msg me or add a writeup below.