Her name was just Alice, but this is prettier. at the wedding, she was a surprise. I thought she was far away, safely out of my circle of reality. There she was, and beautiful. I wished she were his again when I saw her stading next to James. With her, he was in his proper place. It just made sense that way. It was a shame he missed it.

I wished her with him because I knew she was not ever going to be for me. So tall, as if it were natural for her. Eyes that knew where to look, and found the humor right away. I was only there for a minute, but I knew she was worthwhile, that by not talkign to her I was missing a great chance. I found an excuse and walked away from Alice, leaving her on heels in damp grass. She was wearing a headband, and somehow not looking like a child. She was just herself, wearing a headband. Everything around her was like that, gently assimilated into something in her world. I think I belonged to it.