an entry in OLA Scary Story Contest 2000

by Steven, age ten

In June 1991, a ghost named Fred lived in New Hampshire. Fred wakes up at 8:00 a. m. to go to work. His job is working with computer hardware. Hardware is working with the wires and the printerwire and so on. Fred likes being a ghost. He likes his job because he can go through wires to fix them. He works in a tall office building. He only works on his breaks off from college.

Every break, he comes home. Usually he gets a new job. He really likes his college. His college is in Hanover, New Hampshire.

One day at Fred's work, he was eating lunch at the diner. Then he saw that everybody was looking at him and the waiter thought he was dressed up for Halloween early and brought him a pumpkin. The next day he ate there he scared everybody away by being a ghost. Now it closes if they see him nearby.