The only things I will try to remember about today:

  1. While crying on the sidewalk, I was approached by two strangers within thirty seconds - one a homeless guy asking for change, and one a young man in a blue suit who put his hand on my shoulder and didn't go away until I assured him that I really was all right.

  2. The serious young badass flying down Peachtree's sidewalk in his motorized wheelchair. His head was down (concentrating on aerodynamics) and he was gripping a leash connected to the happiest puppy in the world. A golden retriever, galloping, grinning.

  3. Two little girls, equally unworried, wholly delighted to be outside on a nice day. One ran up and said "My nose is smooshy! Feel it!" (I did; it was) The other one, who is very important, a child I take differently than others, sat by me for a long time, watching the other kids, quiet, happy. After a while she leaned over and hugged me hard and said, "Jessie, you're the best." Then she did cartwheels. For me. Sometimes what you need waits until you need it the most. And then there she is.