• Party at my grandma's house. I was nervous, didn't know anyone very well, didn't feel like being there. Only thing left was to get drunk so I did. Mikey was very kind to me, sat with me on the couch. I knew I was dreaming but I was drunk too so it didn't matter, I could detach and enjoy it. Beth called the pizza place, which was closed, so she yanked the popcorn machine through the phone line and ate the cake out of it. We were appalled and knew the cops would be showing up soon. We all left her in the kitchen and went to the back yard for more sex.

  • Man and a woman going up the stairs ahead of me. As they passed the bulletin board she straightened a photo and he barked at her not to touch it, he had taken those photos for her and he would not have her messing them up. She jumped and knocked it more crooked than before. When I went past, I fixed it and tried to read the writing on the back, but it was upside down. We all kept going up the stairs forever. I could see right up their skirts.

  • Wandering through New York we found Madonna in a princess dress, with pink hair and eyeshadow, standing on a frozen lake, cooing at the camera. Someone threw a golden ball and she giggled and ran to catch it. The photo showed her with hands cupped to catch a plummeting star.
    I talked to the photographer, who turned out to be the one who'd built the stage and the false lake and arranged for silver snow to fall constantly over the woman on the stage. Everyone wanted to be the princess and have her picture taken. I asked him if he knew how many women he was making happy, and he said yes, he had counted. He made me get on stage. "What princess are you?" I was thinking. I walked around the chairs on the stage and kicked up silver snow. I had my hands deep in my coat pockets and head down thinking hard. He took my picture. "You are the Pacing Princess." he said.