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  • Two trains parallel, jumping and pausing along the track. What is keeping them back? Then I saw - each was pushing skulls up the track, a neverending line of green and purple skulls. I understood why LSD could be a potentially dangerous thing.

  • "And so, in the end, it was this way. He was sorry to see it go."

    HQ of a talk show, but more than that, the genesis point of vital ideas. A round, revolving glass studio. I put my face to the window and looked out and down to the swimming pool crammed full of people in their clothes. They saw my silhouette and cheered, thinking I was someone famous.

    Conan was frustrated and angry.

    Perspective wheeled around to show me everyone important at this moment. Two old women on the couch. The stars spiraled out behind them. The women were frozen in space and time but able to explain themselves. They cuddled. They were looking forward to a trip to New Mexico. One said they'd like to invite Roberta to come along - she'd put out. I was angry. Roberta was a tool but there was no need to be rude. Everyone knew John Stamos really loved her.

    The stars burst out and hung in pieces. Every motion frozen, amplified. The room wheeled. Conan was still sad and frustrated. Everyone expected something.

  • Holograms appeared beside me. Probably from Pete, I thought, and they were. As the signal filtered through I held the first one, waiting for it to clarify. He'd sent me a hologram of his face, pretty standard, no joke. I clicked to the next one. His foot. Again, nothing different that I could see. I wondered if he had been high when he sent them. Click to number three. His foot again. I looked at it from all angles, seeing nothing new, then almost screamed as it suddenly developed weight and was a real foot lying heavy in my hand. To get away from it I clicked to the final hologram, which was almost worse than the foot - Pete's head again, but heavy in my hands, and talking. Laughing, completely pleased with himself.

    "You're probably all freaked out, I can just imagine . . . " he fell into laughter again and I wished I knew where the fast forward was. "Ok. By now you know what I've done here. I didn't want to tell you until I could prove it. I figured out how to make them appear to have mass and carry an audio signal. The only thing is, I don't know where to look, since I don't know where your eyes are, and it's got to be pretty creepy for you right now. Sorry." and he was off laughing again, thrilled.