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  • It's pretty weird that I've been working on the show for two months and have never had a real offstage conversation with Drew. I'd just thought that when he jumped into the room and started talking. We both went away but met later to compare boxes of junk. I showed him what I'd been going to throw away - a tupperware box filled with plastic googly eyes - and he looked at me like I'd lost my mind. Do you want it? "Of COURSE!" Later I hugged him, and that went all right.

  • On the phone with Pete, the end of my cellphone kept flipping down which was damn annoying, especially since it doesn't do that.

  • Boorman House with other girls. Trying not to wake them but I had to turn on the light.

  • I was upset and had gone to Pete's house which was not his house but more like a boat from an old dream. Also like a camper. A bell which was not a doorbell rang - it went off when someone was at the bottom of the driveway, to give you warning someone was coming. Pete was not happy. "She said she might come over but I thought she was bluffing." A minute later I saw a blonde head coming up the steps outside the window. He went to meet her and I could hear her laughing and talking nonstop - he wasn't saying anything.

    There was no way I could deal with this person, whoever she was. I snuck out the back. I got pretty far before I realized I'd left the cat at Pete's. Going back I had to go barefoot and by the time I got there my feet were cut and sore. The cat met me down the road from Pete's house, so did two of my parents' dogs, but I had to keep going.

    When I got to the house Pete was standing in the kitchen talking on my cellphone. He was angry with me and wouldn't talk to me. He called the other girl "Alicia" but it clearly was not her. I was tired and just wanted to go home.

  • High school plus college. Mr. Watford was serving some black glop out of a frying pan. We all had to at least taste it because "it's authentic Roman cuisine!" He was fussing gently at Ryan Brown for being lax about the Latin debate practices. "No one ever shows up for them anyway, except the people who want free food." I noticed that I had always been equally attracted to both of them.