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  • In the letter she says "Yes, peach, everything here is peach. Especially Frito, the roasted meat pie."
  • Since we can rearrange nodelets I am wondering how one would look next to the bed. Kramer worries about me and comes in and out of the room where I am pretending to be asleep. Eventually I do sleep and when I wake up he is in the other room arguing with someone. I wonder which of the four hotel rooms I am in and where I should leave the key.

    Kramer comes back in and says into my ear:

    on each other
    in each other

  • In Wisconsin I craved seeing black people, they were rare and became a luxury to me. I stood on the bridge watching the one road that led into town and thought well of course they are this way, there's only the one road.
  • cool smooth silver Latin
  • Driving to the airport I have no headlights. Is it edebroux in the car with me or my little brother and his best friend? Either way, we have forgotten the tickets. Not forgotten, but can't remember when the flight is. I miss the right exit and get lost. Get to the airport and try to ask someone when the flight leaves but they won't answer. Find a phone book to call information but the airport isn't listed and time is running out. I just want to say fuck it and go home but edebroux is counting on me. She is ashamed of me for not having it all under control.