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  • Shopping for buttons with my aunt. I stole dental floss. We walked in the dark toward a massive camper and I told her about a friend who'd gotten married too young.
  • Mom and I getting ready to go on a long journey that had to begin at midnight
  • ice cream melting slowly in the fridge
  • My dad handed me an ocean photograph and I got freaked out because I couldn't tell which way was right side up. I started yelling and he had to soothe me. As I watched, the sea turtles came to life and started swimming around inside the photo. He agreed that that was weird.
  • Someone wanted to show me an example of the new hamster robot, but to access it, I had to pass a test online. I had to repeat a sentence in some Dutch-like language and the computer would calculate how close to the original pronunciation mine had been. I did it but it was such a pain in the ass I walked away before it finished computing.
  • I had a feeling James was going to come over, and it was a good thing I looked out the window because it gave me a few minutes to deal with the reality of seeing him come up the sidewalk. He was in a black tank top, which I didn't understand. He didn't knock at the door for ages, and I was getting very nervous but then there he was. We were understandably awkward with each other. We talked about potatoes. I was preoccupied worrying about how long the door had been unlocked. Brannon called hello from the other room. James and I talked about potatoes some more.