The three of us were climbing up the snow mountain to see if his soul could be reclaimed. He was the mountain, or, the mountain was everything he'd said and done. I thought there was hope for him but the guy insisted otherwise, showing me you couldn't dig into the ground at all, it was rock-hard. We started to argue but the girl made us call a truce. We collected all the cigarettes we could find.

  • Working at Borders again, but the store was inverted. My employee code didn't work at the registers and I didn't know what to do. I kept a woman waiting for 20 minutes before I figured out I could have someone else ring her up.
  • I called Pete and got a new message. He sounded distracted and troubled enough to worry me. Then he was there but wouldn't look me in the eye. He told me half of what it was and then wouldn't say any more. I knew enough to be worried but also knew I couldn't do anything about it. I think I held his hand but I don't think it helped.