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  • The smell got to me and I threw up in the ditch, right on two people's shoes. Well what were they doing in the ditch?
  • Bad Andy had flown to the top of the glacier, and the media was crazy about it. Everyone sent up cameras and microphones remotely, but most of them crashed on the rocks. One got through, and I watched Bad Andy on tv, clinging to ice. The background receded and swam, the sky was brilliant blue.
  • Looking out the porthole we saw a fake spaceship outside. What the hell? It was an interesting concept, squat and rusted, clearly made from definite plane, not just some cardboard boxes taped together, this had taken time. Still, it was fake. Kelsey Grammer wouldn't believe me, the prick, so I went outside to prove it. He wouldn't go with me. "Be careful! Conserve your oxygen!" Sure thing, Frasier.

    Yep, fake. Nice job with the spray-paint rust spots. I went back inside and Kelsey Grammer was lying on the couch looking worn out. "While you were gone the most amazing thing happened, but I imagine you're as exhausted from your journey as I am from mine. There will be ample time later for tale-telling. Do you know what Caruso said about me, as we were wending back from the far reaches of the universe? He said I'd probably just saved the whole lot of it, you know, the universe and all, with, you know, my heroism and bravery and things. Ah, well, it's just as well you were preoccupied - I'm sure you would have helped, if you'd known."

  • Patrick was angry about the pencils, and then I noticed he was Jeffra. I couldn't believe they were letting him work with kids. It made me nauseous. I asked him not to yell at me, please, and he got livid. I walked away and talked to the kids instead. Come on, guys. There's like, four rules around here. See if you can keep one of them.
  • They had been cruel to her, and she was crying, and I just wanted to stay with her forever.