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  • My parents’ house. Julie had new bands on her braces and they were driving her crazy. She figured they cost her $15 a minute.

    Jason Stump / Jason Murtage / Jerry O’Donnell was there and cornered me in the house. Sneering, whispering. Said it would be best if I didn’t eat much, but it would be all right he supposed if I had a little ice water. I followed him outside and repeated it loudly to everyone, then threw a glassful of ice water in his face. His shock was priceless but in minutes I was trying to justify myself to him, frantic. Trying to prove I wasn’t wasted. What are you doing now, he wanted to know, what are you doing with your life? I’m just getting started with my life. I’m barely out of school. I haven’t had much time to begin anything. What am I, 26? He said he was 18. Both ages were a lie. He would not listen. Would not believe I had wasted my time and grown lazy and useless. Bastard bastard. He gave me a carcass and it was poisoned. The children would not stop playing with the electric lines until I screamed at them to hit the ground in formation. They were terrified; he laughed and laughed.

  • Walking through the toy store my camera made an ugly noise but I fixed whatever was wrong. Pictures of Dan / Casey / knarphie, he kept changing. Do you have enough blankets, he said. Yes, thank you. Well, if you need more, I have extras you can borrow.

  • helping someone build a website and I hadn’t the faintest idea how, so I decided not to charge them for it