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  • In prison and furious. There had been a mistake and I knew it. I pleaded, I threatened to sue. My letters kept coming back unread, each one stamped "We don't see a problem."
  • James and Joey from Friends were going to room together in New York, but the rest of us were leaving.
  • They said the Moog was not meant to be pllayed my itself, but he did it. They played Barbara Ann together but you couldn't tell that's what it was, but I knew.
  • I was buying a coke and a box of raisins and the enormous cashier was fussing at me about prices going up. I was confused - was it my fault? She said she'd been getting angry phone calls all week about it, and letters, one from the principal raving about how the store treated its butterflies. I pressed for details but she wouldn't talk, it was a secret. She printed my massive receipt, like six pages, and walked me to the door with her arm around my shoulders. She asked my boyfriend's name, I told her there wasn't one, and she laughed and said she'd pray for that. I left, feeing disjointed and glad to have her hands off me.